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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Austin's birthday

My baby is one!!! He is seriously such a doll. He is the happiest baby I have ever met, and I've met some happy babies. :) I tell people if all babies were as good as he is they'd have 20. Good thing, huh, since they turn into toddlers and teens! ;)

Anyway, we enjoyed his birthday in full-force. I took him to get professional pics from my talented friend Autumn (pics to come), and we did a cake smash at her house. I'm so glad we did, because he decided he didn't like cake and wouldn't even eat a bite of it for the family cake smash. Sigh ...

Anyway, here he is with Austin from the Backyardigans. This is the last of my monthly shots of Austin and Austin:

And, just as a reminder, this is how the A&A pics looked to begin with:

It's always amazing to see how much they've grown.

As for opening presents, he LOVED it -- I bet you can't tell. (Shayla picked the wrapping paper, so pretend you don't notice that it says Merry Christmas. :) I had wanted to get him a couple of books I know about, but Walmart didn't have any of them. We did get him one book from there and some stacking toys. The boy could open a dirty sock and be happy. ;)

So after Austin opened his gifts my other "babies" had a blast trying to get him to play with it. These moments are the ones that make a mom's heart melt:

Then we had a family cake smash with a few of his cousin-friends. Here he is with Gavin (6 weeks younger than Austin) and James (4.5 months old). These three are sure to be trouble soon enough:

 Then it was time for the boy to dig in:

  This part reminds me of Tyler, who barely touched his first birthday cake:

As mentioned, he already knew he didn't like it, so there was no need to taste it. I'm surprised he made the connection, because the two cakes looked nothing alike! Oh well -- I've got a smart one.

This is at the end -- look how clean his face still is:

And I figured family wouldn't want to eat the cake that had been smashed, so I made another one for them all to eat. I saw something similar while looking for a cool cake to make for Paul and couldn't resist making it this year for Austin:

The kids had a blast "designing" their own aliens. I have to say that cute cakes are the bomb!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it had been nice the day before (no snow on the ground), and then it snowed all day on Austin's birthday! We had to document that, poor boy:


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday cute happy Austin!! I cant believe he is ONE! crazy.

Melissa said...

He really is on of the happiest babies ever! I was so shocked to actually hear him fuss in RS on Sunday! He is a cutie can't wait to see him pictures from Autumn!!

Lizzylou said...

You are great about taking pictures! I haven't taken many pictures of Jake, I better get on the ball!

Bruce said...

I was so happy to be in on the cake smash. How lucky I am to be one of his Grandmas. In fact all 3 boys Grandmas.