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Monday, March 7, 2011

Marbulous Monday

My kids are huge fans of our marble run called Marbulous. We got a kit for Christmas years ago and they have loved it ever since. Shayla got it out again one day while the kids were at school, and I was surprised that she had so much fun alone -- I didn't realize she loved it this much! No, these are not posed pictures. She was just playing and smiling huge because she LOVED it!

Anyway, I realized that I should check to see if they still have this particular brand so we could expand our set. Turns out there aren't many of this brand left, so I ordered a box to make sure we have them for years to come.

The kids got the new set and are having a blast! I'll admit to it -- even Paul and I enjoy playing with this. It's just cool! Becca made a very complicated set of runs, and the kids loved it! They'd say where they were going to put the marble in and predict where it was going to come out. They did this about six times before ever getting one right:

And, can you guess who got to tear it apart when we were done?

Magically Marbulous!


Leslie said...

That looks SUPER FUN! Wow!

the Rowleys said...

Little Austin in the background, reminds me of Tyler, just that pictures made me think of him as a baby. Awesome marble run! What family fun. :)