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Friday, March 11, 2011

Crazy hair and cute puppies

Shayla is loving her pre-school. It's no wonder when they do fun things like crazy hair day! She was up and ready for school early one day last week so she could get crazy hair:
(Amazingly this style lasted all day! There is a toy ketchup bottle under the hair holding it straight up.)

And this week for pre-school we went to see puppies! I figured the girls would love sweet, soft adorable little puppies, and they did. (And fortunately nobody dropped one like Shayla did last year -- oops. :) Here is Shayla getting some puppy love:

My boys didn't want to miss out on the fun, so I took them the night before to  make sure they got to see the cute little puppies:

Amazingly, the only one who didn't like them at all was Austin. Maybe he was just tired. But when we put the puppy on him, he just held his hands high so they wouldn't touch the puppy, and then he did the whole "if I ignore it maybe it will go away" thing and wouldn't even look at it. Finally Austin pushed it away and got a very sad face:

We'll have to try again with him another day to see if he likes them better.

After seeing adorable little puppies I am always grateful I have a husband who is allergic so the kids don't whine and beg to take one home! :)


Rebecca said...

Okay, this is somewhat unrelated, but I LOVE the hat Shayla is wearing in the picture with the puppy--so cute! I'm glad that most of your kids enjoyed the puppy. Sadly, we do not have an allergy as an excuse around our house. Luckily, Gavin isn't old enough to care yet.

Carol said...

What fun to have crazy hair day for Shayla. (Although she looks cute not matter how her hair is styled!) Puppies are a temptation, but it's fun to hold them once in a while and let someone else do the work and deal with the chewing!

Melissa said...

puppies and preschool! Great idea! Thanks for letting me tag along! We had a great time! Cute pictures, and you know I love Shayla's hair!