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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stamping and Bobcat

One of the best things about being 8 years old for a little boy is that he gets to participate in cub scouts! My boys love it, and Zachary is one of 16 or 17 Wolves in his den. Yes, that's a lot of wolves!

Anyway, he has been so excited to get going and earned his Bobcat as quickly as possible:

Our pack also does a cool thing where they "stamp" the boys into the pack on their first pack night. Zachary has been with us to pack nights for nearly two years now, so he knew what was coming, but some boys get scared when they're turned around and everyone starts yelling to watch out (not knowing it's just chalk they'll get on their backs). It's a tradition that we love:
Zachary brings me his book several times each week to see what we can work on. I did have to tell him he was no longer allowed to wake me up at 6:30 to discuss what he can do for scouts! :) He is so excited about scouting that there will be no stopping this boy. Way to go, Zach!


Kari Nitzel said...

Its great to see that he is excited for scouts, that means that he'll be getting his Eagle as soon as he is eligible. GREAT JOB ZACH!
I remember when he was a baby and would just look at me and laugh.

Carol said...

We definitely have an Eagle in the making--way to go Zach!