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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grateful for my "busy" life

I'm not sure I ever mentioned that I'm now the Relief Society secretary. As such, I sit in on meetings where we talk about visiting teaching every month and make necessary adjustments. As we have discussed the needs (aka BUSY, BUSY lives) of various sisters, I am sooooo grateful for my version of a busy life. That said, I should probably clarify that my life really isn't very busy.

Yes, I have two callings (R.S. and cub scouts Bear leader) that require several hours of time every week. Yes, I have five children who all want my unlimited attention ... except the teen who sometimes wants to be alone but needs the attention. :) Yes, I have a husband who is in school in the evenings, so I have extra responsibilities that he used to cover. Yes, because of said husband's schedule the weekly lawn-mowing falls on my shoulders (which I sometimes share with Becca :). Yes, I have four people on my visiting teaching route now. Yes, I have two kids in piano lessons and have to "hold their hands" while they practice. Yes, my kids play soccer during the appropriate seasons, and yes, I attend all their programs and many field trips. Sounds pretty busy, right?

Well, actually it's just perfect. I have time to play with my kids when I so desire. I have time to socialize on Facebook and blogs, and even in person when I ever arrange it. I have time to visit my parents several times a week. I have time to go walking with a buddy every morning. I have time to make at least a weekly visit to the park with the kids and a friend. I have time to read books that I enjoy. I have time for family movie nights. I have time to watch my kids' latest tricks or read their latest books. I have time to scrapbook. I have time to veg in front of the TV in the evenings. I have time to get dinner made and have us eat together every night. I have time to just enjoy my life. (Which is why I probably don't have time to clean the house! ;)

There are definitely weeks when I feel a little overwhelmed, but right now especially (summer rocks!) I'm enjoying life pretty well. Just had to post a little gratitude. :)


Jana Nielsen said...


Kari Nitzel said...

Great post! Don't worry about cleaning, later when the kids are leaving you will have more time then, keep up spending time with your kids - they will remember and appreciate it.

Rebecca said...

You're making me feel really lazy here with my one baby and my husband not in school!

Lizzylou said...

Sounds like a great life-well except for the lawn mowing part:)

Bruce & Sylvia said...

No, you will not have time to clean house when you are older. You have the joy of grandchildren. Things just multiply, but its o.k.

Scotty said...

Denise, you rock! You're an awesome mother, someday your kids will realize and appreciate all the work you did to teach and raise them.