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Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp JJ

Last week we got to go to the boys' cub scout day camp. Paul took the day off of work to accompany us since this is the only year both of our boys will be there. Our Tyler is lucky to have gone three years now -- most boys only go twice (Wolves and Bears), but because of how his birthday falls he was able to go right before his birthday the first time and then as a Wolf and Bear. He'll sure miss it next year! Zachary had a blast his first year. It was so fun to spend the day with Paul supervising 18 little guys having a blast!

Our cubmaster arranged for our pack to be in charge of the cub scout promise and leading the flag ceremony. Both of my boys got to participate (the advantages of having your mom as one of the leaders :), so Zachary lead the flag ceremony and Tyler lead the promise:

Here are the four Browns, with significantly less musical talents than the five Browns:

And here the boys are enjoying almost every minute of the fun:
Zachary in rain-gutter regatta

Tyler finally getting the form in archery

Zachary is sure he knocked over some pop cans

Zachary and Tyler loved maneuvering this huge boat

Getting instruction on how to fight (as if they need it!)

Fighting obviously makes boys happy -- look at T's smile!
These last two are when they got to fight another group. Tyler immediately took down the group's youth leader (pictured). He went down for the mandatory five seconds, and then Zachary got him right down again. He went down another five seconds, and when he popped back up Tyler took him right back down. He looked at me and said, "Man, these kids are getting me fast today!" I replied, "You've already been downed twice by the same kid already." He looked a little embarrassed, although I thought it hilarious. I guess all those years of my boys sword-fighting Uncle Gus paid off at scout camp!

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Rebecca said...

Do they have some sort of merit badge for foam sword fighting? Because your boys would have that in a heartbeat. Heck, they could teach the course on it!