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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Looking store

My kids want to make money. They often draw pictures and set up tables to sell them. (They've learned very quickly that Grandma is a sucker and will pay them; Mom pays only in hugs and kisses, which defeats their purpose.) They ask often if we can sell old toys at a garage sale. They ask if they can have a lemonade stand. They come up with various other ways to try to make money -- my favorite was that they wanted to start selling tires. (Of course, we didn't want to put Bro. Atwood out of business. ;)

So Shayla came up with a new idea: a "looking store." This was a "store" in which you were able to come and look at her display but not buy anything. Now that's my kind of store!


Rebecca said...

It's win-win, I guess; she doesn't have to give anything away and you don't have to pay her anything!

Kristene Armstrong said...

So cute.