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Monday, July 25, 2011

I think I've become boring

I read old posts I wrote and realize I used to be witty. In fact, I entertain myself as I read posts from three and four years ago. And now I sometimes feel like I have nothing to say -- or if I say it it's actually kind of boring. Have I been away from my career so long that I no longer know how to "spin" myself? Am I too tired to think of anything witty to say? Is having only 1/7 of my brain depleting the comedic parts and focusing solely on the necessities? I'm not bored with life or unhappy or depressed; so, exactly how and when did I get this way?

Oh, but if you ask my teenager, I am totally boring, no questions asked! However, in her mind I've always been this way ...


Rebecca said...

At least you take the time to blog, unlike myself! :)

Jessica Brown said...

I concur. Not that you are boring - but that after 10 years of being a mom it's hard to remember that you once did anything besides take care of needy kids all day. Sweeping floors and carpool just aren't that exciting no matter how good you are at them.