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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Every year the Freedom Fest in Provo has a Balloon Fest. It's pretty cool and we love going to watch the balloons. However, we haven't been in years, because the event STARTS at 6:30 a.m. That's soooo early! I guess the heat of the sun makes it too hard for the balloons to go up in the heat of day, so they have to start early. I was tempted to not go this year, but they advertised a Darth Vader hot air balloon. Um, hello -- we can't miss that!

So, we got up really early and headed over. Becca was gone to girls' camp, so we even had to wake up Austin to bring him. We got off later than I had hoped and really was worried we'd miss the Darth Vader balloon. But my sister Rebecca beat us there and let me know that it was just being blown up. Phew! We hurried over and were thrilled that there were also these guys:

Brown boys and Storm Trooper
Tyler, Imperial guy, Zachary
Tyler, Star Wars Pilot, Zach
This Snow Trooper said he blinked in this photo. :)
So much fun!
Tyler and Zachary aren't scared of Vader!
Austin: Vader? Where?
 Austin was hilarious with Darth Vader, because he just ignored him. He knew that we passed him to Darth Vader, but I guess he figured if he didn't look at him it didn't matter. What a funny, funny boy! Totally opposite of my nephew Gavin, who had this reaction to a Storm Trooper:
(Such a classic pic I had to steal it from Rebecca's Facebook. :)

The Darth Vader balloon was definitely a favorite this year. In years past our favorite has always been the pig (which is still pretty cool):

But this year Vader was definitely the coolest. Apparently he's something like 86 feet tall and 75 feet wide. Or was it yards? I was so busy remembering the numbers that I forgot the measurement used. Helpful, huh?

Shayla didn't want a thing to do with any of the Star Wars guys. She liked the flower balloon best (and you can see Smokey the Bear to its left):

It was a great way to welcome the sunrise ... maybe even better than staying in bed (for one day, anyway :).

One of the best things about being a mom is seeing your kids thrilled with simple things like this. I love my family!


Kari Nitzel said...

I used to go to the balloon fest in Park City, where in Provo is this at? I will have to keep it in mind next year.

Brown Family said...

It's on Bulldog field right behind Provo High School. There's also one in Springville in June (usually around the 10th) for Art City Days. One day I hope to go up in them! :)