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Friday, July 1, 2011

Downstairs Carnival

I love that my kids are creative and can have fun with very little provided entertainment. In fact, I count on it for family gatherings, and I'm generally not disappointed. My brother Ryan's family wasn't able to join us for the family campout, so he came up later for us to see his fam.

While they were here, the kids disappeared into the basement for a bit, and then they wanted us all to come to their carnival. Fortunately everything was free! (Sometimes they draw pictures and try to sell them to us, but I'll only ever pay with hugs and kisses. They don't like that, but Grandma is usually willing to cough up some coins.)

Anyway, here were the signs at the bottom of the stairs advertising the puppet show, a scare chamber and fishing:

Here's the scare chamber in action:

I think the favorite of every adult was the "booth" with free massages. That little Kimmie has STRONG fingers -- she really should go professional one day! Here's Ryan getting his free massage from Zachary. Ahhhhhh:

And this has nothing to do with the carnival other than Shayla looked adorable the day of the carnival. What a cute Minnie fan:


Rebecca said...

I hadn't heard about the carnival--so fun!

Carol said...

so cute!

Kristene Armstrong said...

so how does one get one of those free massages. :)