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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catching up

I soooo love summer break! We finished school on Thursday, and it was crazy those last few weeks. Seriously, I wonder where May went. Today is Shayla's 5th birthday, but more on that later ...

First we'll start with Shayla's pre-school graduation. She was SO excited! She put on her class shirt, a cute skirt and we took pictures!

I had told the girls we'd have pink cupcakes for graduation, and then when I went to make them (at 9 p.m. the night before) I found I didn't have any paper liners. Yikes! I called several neighbors, who either weren't home or didn't have any themselves. One neighbor called me back at about 10 p.m. to say she had some, and we arranged to get them the next morning. However, the next morning I woke up with a stroke of brilliance (inspiration? :). Why not bake them in ice-cream cones? Especially because I have colored, cute cones! So that's what I did:

The girls loved them and I was able to get them done very early in the morning. Phew!

We had only one mom (besides myself) to the graduation, so the clapping wasn't much. I guess that happens when you only have a few kids. However, Shayla was totally excited anyway:

Becca finished up her art classes and is having lots of fun with her new-found talent. This is a self-portrait she did a while ago that I hadn't yet taken a picture of. Or did I? Mommy brain is eating my memory! Anyway, I think it's the best she's done (although she has an adorable on of Austin she's working on), so here it is:

And last weekend when we had a break in the rain we finally mowed the lawn. Paul decided it was time for Tyler to learn how, so he taught him. He left him to grab the weed eater out of the garage, and Tyler had gone crazy all over the lawn. I thought it was funny. Paul re-instructed him about how nice straight lines are:

He really was proud of himself for doing it, but he pointed out that he didn't want it for his chore. Mind you, once we get a riding mower (which we hope will be our next mower) I think everyone will volunteer to mow the lawn. :)

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Lizzylou said...

Cute cupcakes! I'm jealous that Tyler is already mowing the lawn. I can't wait for Davy to be able to mow the lawn. We also need a new lawn mower before that happens. Ours is HORRIBLE on our long backyard grass that grows way too fast, and thick.