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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Mahem

May is always a crazy busy month, and I'm one program and one field trip away from being done with the craziness. Phew!

In the meantime, we had soccer make-ups (what is with the long winter?!?) and programs we had to juggle, and sometimes the juggling wasn't pretty. However, our evenings for the most part are now free. Awwww ... we'll have to find SOMETHING to do with all that time! ;)

Becca was in social dance 2 and even choreographed a country swing. This from the girl who came to us with no coordination whatsoever. So it was fun to see her do all kinds of moves and lifts. The first two are from her country swing; the last from the Viennese Waltz (my favorite since she actually smiled during it and she wasn't touching boys as much ;):

Tyler also did a dance program today, but I was so far back I didn't even try to get pictures. But I did get pictures of him during his Hershey Track meet -- he took second in this race:

His cousin Nick took first (same race, different heat):

For Mother's Day I was treated to breakfast in bed. The kids were such proud helpers. (Well, all except Becca who chose to sleep, especially when presented with the breakfast option.) It was delicious and I loved the kids' excitement:
For Mothers' Day I think I also got out of changing any diapers or making dinner. That alone makes the day great. However, they also got me a really nice book from the Carl Bloch exhibit we saw at BYU. It was a very moving, spiritual experience to go see that display and think of him painting so many images of our dear Savior. And this book will give me many of those images to keep, as well as more information about Bloch's life and artistic career.

And this week I had the joy to take pictures of my cute nephew James, who is now six months. I can't believe that! How can you not love this face:


Bruce & Sylvia said...

I do love that face and all the others in your blog. I even love the

Carol said...

Wow! Becca your dancing looks great and way to go Tyler! You guys did so good at breakfast in bed for Mom's day. What sweet kids you have Denise.