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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Princess and Frog Princess

My little princess has been busy, busy, busy, and my house is messy everywhere to prove it! This girl can carry around clutter and make a room a mess in no time. She is always busy doing "baby school" for Austin and his cousins (when they're together), and she wants to be doing 100 things everyday. Kindergarten couldn't come soon enough.

When we went to register her for kindergarten, she got so excited! She knows we take pictures the first day of school, so she had me take one to go register for kindergarten. Gotta love the snow boots:

And I took a picture of her before what I thought would be her last field trip. (Turns out she'll have another this week, so there will be one more chance for pictures. :) I am still lovin' the shirts I made them, and she makes it look so good:

My kids are determined to make money, and they often have "stores" to accomplish this. Their stores are drawings they've created. Well, I never spend any money, because I don't want to have them continue doing it! I tell them I'd love to shop there, but I only pay in hugs and kisses. Anyway, Shayla wanted to do this but apparently didn't really want to sell her stuff, so she said this was a "looking store." You could look, but not buy. That's my kind of store ... as long as she cleans up her mess, which she usually doesn't:

Shayla is loving learning to read. In fact, as I'm sitting here typing this she's reading the words she knows. I guess I won't have long before she's reading and editing what I write. ;) Anyway, she loved that she knew a lot of the words in Hop on Pop. Here she is reading it to Paul:

So at this point you're probably wondering about the reference to the frog princess? For the "Last Chance" dance at the high school Becca asked her "friend" to go with her by taking him butterbeer (leftovers from Zachary's birthday party) and chocolate frogs (made especially for him) and asked if he'd be her "frog prince" for Last Chance. He took a few days to respond, probably trying to figure out how to put this together:
He said yes, and Becca got to enjoy some cake. I was so sick of cake (this was just after Zachary's birthday and mine and Becca's) that I put dibs on the licorice only. :) So, he said yes, they had fun, and dances for the year are over. Phew!

BTW, here is a picture of them at last chance. Why in the world do the schools have things like "matching hats/shirts/bandanas" for almost every dance? Can't they just go and have fun and leave the matching to Sadies? Anyway, Becca came up with a cheap solution since I wasn't wanting to go pay for hats -- they both wore hats they've always wanted to wear but haven't. Becca just added a black bow to hers and a strip of purple ribbon to his (which I think was done after this pic):
Awwwww. :)

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Lizzylou said...

Becca sure looked cute for her dance. I love that Austin plays peek-a-boo. I'll have to try that with Jake. He loves to make his brothers laugh by sticking his tongue out, I'm sure he'll love a new game.