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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Easter ended up being a quick event at our house this year! We had much going on, so I was happy that the Friend Magazine gave us scriptures to read every night to prepare for Easter day. That made it special to us and helped the kids understand the last week of the Savior's life. I think we'll do that every year.

So, we didn't even dye eggs until Sunday morning before church. Once again we used the tye-dye kit since it is quick and easy and makes our eggs really bright and fun:

Then we had a quick hunt after church. Turns out it started raining so we had to make it quick! But we got some pics of the quick hunt:

Then when we came in it was time to open up the eggs. We don't do Easter baskets, so the candy the kids get is from the eggs. However, not all of them have candy. If you open one with a strip of paper you have to do what it says. It could be something like, "Tell a joke," "Sing your favorite primary song," "Say this tongue twister fast," etc. Here are some of the kids during this part:

And this has only slightly to do with Easter. When they were done dying eggs I told them to come let me take pictures of their colorful fingers. I took a bunch of pictures right in a row, and Zachary made a different face for each picture. I was cracking up so much I probably took 20 pictures of the pose and ended up with 20 different faces by Zachary. What a goofball:

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