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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zachary's big day!

We had the great blessing on April 30 to have Zachary get baptized. I still can't believe the little guy who was my baby boy for so long is now eight! It started snowing the day before his baptism and continued all day. I really didn't think it would last, but the day of his baptism the earth here was "dressed in white."

We got to the church in plenty of time. Good thing since Paul forgot to bring his spare white shirt so I had to run home to get it. I guess he must have been a little stressed, because he also baptized Zachary with the wrong name! He said Zachary Tyler Brown instead of Zachary Paul Brown. You'd think he'd remember the name Paul. ;) I think he was so focused on making sure he got Zachary all the way under (it took three attempts with Tyler) that he went on pilot mode for the prayer and went to his standard way of calling the boys, "Zachary! Tyler!" It was hilarious.

Actually, I wasn't sure I heard right. I tried getting my dad's attention, but he was watching to make sure Zachary went all the way under the water. I started wondering if I just misheard since we often say the boys' names together, and I didn't want to interrupt this sacred moment. But then I asked my brother, and he said it sounded like Tyler to him, too. So as Paul and Zachary were exiting the font (since Zachary did go all the way under), they had to turn around and come back. Hilarious. (It made our neighbor feel much better, because he performed his first baptism on his brother and had to do it twice when his brother didn't go under all the way. But at least he said the right name! :)

Anyway, we are so happy Zachary was so excited to be baptized. What a blessing it is to have the gospel fulness in our lives and to love and worship our precious Savior and Redeemer. We are also so grateful that our Primary presidency has everyone write a message to the one being baptized -- it's a great way for everyone to share their testimonies and for the person baptized to remember the special day. (They are all put into a book for the child to keep.)

Here are pictures of my little man on his big day:
Look at that family photo -- I am one blessed mama! And if you told me 10.5 years ago before I got married that this is what life would be like in 10 years I would have never believed you. :)

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