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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little happenings

This is how bad my memory is these days -- if I don't have a picture, then I forget to blog about it. Seriously? I can't be that old. Or am I?

A couple of weeks ago Shayla got to celebrate her birthday at school. This is a new thing for us since she's our one and only summer birthday. She came home with a birthday crown and the birthday bag. Yes, birthdays as a kid are much better than they are as an adult ...

Last  month we toured Utah State University since Becca is thinking she'll go there to school. It's so crazy to think that next year she'll leave us and be in college! Anyway, the girl looked like she owned the campus:
(This is where you can become a true Aggie -- being kissed on a full moon at midnight. Paul offered to drive up and give her a kiss on the cheek so she can become a true Aggie. She laughed, but don't put it past him ...)

Our dining table has a few new dents in it. Okay, yes, it was already dented from my mom's cub scouts back in the day. But now my own kid has added his own mark. Which child, you ask? Austin! He was having so much fun with Play-doh and a toy hammer that I let him go at it. It wasn't until the next day I noticed dents all over where he had been hammering:

My Dad is finishing our boys' shelves. I have no idea how he can be bored. He is bishop of a HUGE ward, works a service mission at the meat-packing plant (although they released him when he became bishop, he still goes every week), and has a bunch of grandkids he entertains regularly. However, he is bored and is building shelves in my boys' bedrooms. They look GREAT! I'm so happy. Anyway, Austin has sure enjoyed watching Grandpa work:

And happy birthday to my sweet nephew James, who wanted no part of his cake smash. Poor boy!


Rebecca said...

Man, Austin is taking that Play-doh business very seriously--I love the look on his face!

the Rowleys said...

Love the updates. :) Keep them coming.