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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shelves, anyone?

Well, we bought wood to get shelves wherever we wanted them throughout the house. And, as I mentioned, my dad offered to finish the boys' closets. Well, he's fast and had the closets done in a few mornings. Obviously I still have some painting to do (to the doors and door frames), but look how wonderful these closets are:
Look at the pretty trim and rosettes
Two bars in the center; shelves on each side

The shelves go around the corner to the front of the closet

Oh, and my Dad's boredom (or his noticing my honey-do list isn't having anything crossed off ;) motivated him to do even more -- now both Becca and Shayla have shelves in their closets, and the old window in our toy room has adjustable shelves. I'm loving our "extra" space! It's amazing how much more organized you can feel with some shelves here and there!


Rebecca said...

Dang--these look great! I bet your kids are loving them!

Lizzylou said...

You have great parents!

Carol said...

How does Grandpa Palmer have time to do all that AND be Bishop?--What a wonderful job he did!