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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy, busy, busy December

I love this season because of all the giving and Christian attitudes that seem to prevail nationwide. Every year I hear wonderful stories of miracles and service that just touch my heart. However, there is one thing about Christmastime that always bugs me -- people are TOO BUSY!

I was reminded of how "busy" people are when talking to my brother-in-law on the phone yesterday. He and his wife were blessed this week with a new little girl. Unfortunately, there were a couple of complications, so the baby now has an infection and is in the hospital, probably until Christmas Eve. Since they have three other children (ages 3, 2, and 1), they obviously need some help so Rob can go back and forth between the hospital and home. Jennifer's family (their only family nearby) couldn't get the time off of work, so Rob called friends and church members for help.

As he was looking for someone to watch the kids for two shifts (3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon), he realized people were too busy to help. Two people actually told him that they had plans to go to the temple, and therefore couldn't watch the kids so Rob could go spend some time at the hospital with his wife and newborn. What?!? I told him they obviously needed to stand on the chairs from now on, because obviously the messages are going over their heads! (Fortunately my MIL hopped on a plane and went down to help, so now they've got it covered.)

Anyway, what is it with people getting so busy that they can't do what the season is all about? I'd like to think this is an isolated case, but unfortunately I know it isn't. We moved into our house in December, and I was shocked by the lack of response from neighbors and church members. Mind you, I now LOVE my ward, but we didn't have anyone offer to help us move in, nobody stopped by to welcome us, and I thought we had made the biggest mistake of our lives moving here! :) Okay, it wasn't quite that bad, but it was a little lonely and strange.

In any case, my plea is this: Don't get so busy that you don't enjoy the season and aren't aware of those around you in need. Think of how many times the Savior was heading somewhere and in being interrupted taught a lesson instead of being too busy on His way. Just remember (to quote Marilee), service is probably never convenient!


Lizzylou said...

I agree 100% Christmas time is far too busy for people to remember the true meaning of it. I wish we could throw the materialism of Christmas out, and focus more on Christ, and serving others. I hope things work out for your brother-in-law. Do they live close? I'd love to help in any way.

Stacey said...

As Franklin Covey teaches...when you say you are too Busy it really means it is just not a priority for you. We tend to use Busy as an excuse but, really it is just telling others we don't care about the activity we are to BUSY to attend to. However, maybe those temple go'ers hadn't been to the temple in awhile and obviously needed to be there. We have a lot of people who are too busy all year round to do service...I tend to get upset when my husband is the only one constantly being called to help because people know he won't say NO. We also have people who tend to be very needy and if you start helping them they can take advantage of it so people don't want to help. Wrong attitude to have and yes we should feel the Christmas cheer all year not just in December. We are having a simple Christmas this year and simple meal. I want to focus on the reason for it since we have had other things consuming our lives. All the kids talk about is Santa coming so, this week I'm going to try to make an extra effort to focus on the reason for the season. I do feel like I've been doing service everyday with my Mother here however, her taking my attention is taken away from me helping others. I'm ready to go help someone else! LOL