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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funny little girl ...

Something funny is happening at our house. Can you tell what it is?

I walked downstairs to find this:

And a bit later I saw this:

Shayla has decided it is fun to trace everything, including people's heads. She's liked having her hand traced for months, and she loves to try to trace our hands. However now that has extended into other body parts and various items around the house.

Next she wanted Becca to trace her, so she laid across the paper:

Then she had Paul and Becca take turns tracing tree branches:

That is one funny little girl!

She started speech therapy this week. The lady said she re-calculated the numbers since she'd done them so quickly, so Shayla was actually 6th percentile and therefore qualified for the program. In any case, the lady came to our house this morning. Every time she showed Shayla a picture and asked her what it was, Shayla attempted to count the items. Sometimes she was right and sometimes she was not. She can incorrectly count up to 10. I'm so proud! ;) Anyway, it was hilarious. Maybe she misunderstood what the company's purpose is since its name is Kids Who Count. And count she did!

Oh, and Shayla's FINALLY happy again! I also am very grateful for modern medicine. She has been very cranky the past two to three weeks (including having a fever for about four days), and my mom finally convinced me to take her to the doctor even though the fever was gone. Turns out she had two ear infections and strep. Those are some serious reasons to be cranky! Now that she's being medicated, she's one happy camper, which makes us happy as well. :)

p.s. Zachary has strep as well, but at least we're no longer contagious!


the Rowleys said...

Glad Shayla is feeling better, and hope Zachary gets better soon too. Also happy for you that the speech thing worked out. That is cute about counting and tracing. Little ones are so cute, if we could just understand what is going on in their minds I'm sure it would all make complete sense.

Lizzylou said...

What a cutie! Sorry that you guys have had strep. It is definitely going around. I'm sure it will be our turn soon.

Jessica B said...

Thanks for being my cheif commenter. I appreciate it. Hope you have a great holiday.

And Shayla is so cute!

Hilary said...

That series of pictures is hilarious -- way to capture it all on film. What a creative brain that girl has. I mean, kids have been tracing hands and feet for as long as time; but I have yet to hear of tracing everything else too-including the tree branches. :)