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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sledding fun

A couple of days after Christmas my kiddies got to go sledding with a bunch of their cousins. Let me tell you how much fun that was! And to have the long-zoom lens? Even more fun! (Or, in my vocab, FUNNER. I'm still bummed that's not a real word.)

Anyway, here is some of the fun we had ...

My nieces Madison and Savannah:

Niece & nephews Kimmie, Cris and Brett. Brett's sled got lost somewhere at the top of the hill:

BIL Mark with son Marcus. I love Marcus' face:

My cute, adorable Tyler showing off his 'lashes:
Nieces Kimmie and Madison:

Becca & Shayla. Look at Shayla's face:


My bro Ryan looking like he doesn't need a sled. (Really it's just hidden in the snow being thrown up.)

What a cute pic of my little guy Zachary:

And a cute one of the intense fun he's having:

Paul & Tyler:

My sis Rachel having a blast:

Shayla loved making snow angels -- both with her back and her front!!! I'm sad Paul didn't get a pic of her doing it on her stomach since I missed it. Let's just say it got her VERY cold!

My niece Katie got too cold and had to go sit in the car:

But when more cousins came she decided to re-join the fun, here with Kimmie:

Tyler feeling accomplished:

Zachary LOVED going again, again and again:

Me and Shayla at the bottom of the hill:

It was a blast! My dad always brings a heater so we can warm our hands and faces at the bottom as we please. Those are the kinds of neat things we get to do now that we live by G&G Palmer!

Then again, if I'm going to mention cool things we do with G&G Palmer, I should mention that the night before sledding we did our annual pinatas. They way it goes is that the youngest in the family has the first try (there's a pinata per family), and once you hit a certain age (8 or so), you are also blindfolded. Here are the pics of my kids trying to get to their loot:
Shayla didn't want to try this year. We're figuring it was because the pinata looked a little too much like Dora ... :)

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