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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Build a Bear Workshop fun

Thanks to G&G Palmer my kids got to finally go to Build a Bear Workshop. My sister has taken her kids several times, and although my kids love the bears, I told my mom there was no way I'd ever pay the outrageous prices to go there. However, Grandma knew the kids would love the experience and gave them each a gift certificate for Christmas.

The kids started off by choosing their bears. Wouldn't you know it -- the only zebra was $25. Wammy from the start. But our boy Zachary LOVES zebras since very few things in life also start with Z. Good thing Shayla doesn't care which bear she gets so we picked the "cheap" $10 bear for her.

Tyler was first to stuff his. They actually get to step on a pedal to start the fluff machine. Then when they get the bears to the "feel" they want (more or less stuffing), they get to put in a heart. The girl had them rub it on their legs so their bears would run fast, on their hearts so their bears could feel their love, and on their heads so their bears would be smart. Then they stuck them in and the Build A Bear people sewed them up. Here is Tyler rubbing the heart on his heart:

And in case you've never been there, this is the stuffing machine. The stuffing tumbles around in there until the kids step on the pedal (like on a sewing machine) to put it in their bears:

Zachary was so intently watching to make sure she didn't mess up on his new favorite zebra:

Shayla was a bit intimidated by the stuffing machine. She just kept staring at it with a glazed-over look on her face. We finally convinced her to try it out, and once she saw her bear "come to life" (that is, get stuffing instead of looking as flat as roadkill), she was content:

Zachary picked out what clothes he wanted even before he picked out his zebra. They were right where we walked in. Tyler saw a costume right away for Iron Man, so that's what he chose. (Turns out Iron Man's mask doesn't fit bears well, so he switched to a Batman costume.) Here they are getting their animals dressed:

Shayla was just so happy the whole time we were there. Here she has picked out the shirt she wanted (with Disney princesses) and some pants with little glitter gems. She was so happy she was swinging her arms around while I put them on:

Once her bear was dressed, though, it was back to staring intently at the stuffing machine: (Notice the cute rainbow shirt in the background that I TRIED to get her to pick.)

Once their animals were done they also immediately took them to "play" together. (You'll notice Tyler in the background still dressing his Batman bear.)

At the end they have computers where the kids get to name their animals. You can see all four kids enjoyed this part ... although creating new names was about as difficult for them as it is for us when we're expecting!

We actually didn't realize how YELLOW the store looked until we saw our pictures. Had I known I wouldn't have worn yellow, too. As it is, I think I blend well ...

When we went to the checkout, we pulled out the gift certificates from G&G. Funny thing ... Each card had a sticker on it that said if we used it by Jan. 4 we'd get 10 percent off. I was hoping that would help, which is why we went when we did. Turns out the girl took off 10 percent ... then another 10 percent for the next card ... then another 10 percent for the next card ... then another 10 ... then another 10. In any case, this meant we had more than $20 left on the cards, so we let the kids go back and get shoes for their bears. Becca also got a pair of glasses that match her own pretty well.

Shayla's little bear is named Alexa. That's because I got to help her name it, and I love that name. I have yet to convince Paul that it's an adorable name for a daughter, but then again, if he ACTUALLY agreed to it now it'd probably curse us to have boys for the rest of our kids. :) Anyway, once Shayla had shoes for Alexa, she insisted the bear should be able to walk:

Zachary couldn't think of a name for his zebra. I was trying to think of Z names, and all I could think of is Zeke. I think he has a Beanie Baby already named that, but he liked it, so we used it. Of course, now that he agreed to it he's asked me at least 50 times, "Now what is my zebra's name again?" Oops ...

Tyler also couldn't think of a name for his bear. So, Paul convinced him it really was okay to just call him Bat Bear. So, his name is Bat Bear Brown. Try saying that one fast five times! Of course, now he thinks he has to go to Build A Bear again to make Bat Bear Brown's secret identity. Sigh ...

Becca named her bear Emma. She loves the name, and we have a cute niece named Emma. Anyway, since we came home she's been planning additional outfits she can make for her little bear:

Once we got to the car and checked the receipts we realized about the 10 percent plus 10 percent plus 10 percent bit. I said to Paul, "I almost feel like we ripped them off. Then again, we just paid them more than $30 per stuffed animal. So, who ripped off who?"

Anyway, we had a blast and loved every minute of it:

Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa!!!


the Rowleys said...

That looks like TONS of fun. I'm surprised Tyler didn't get a pig. I would love to take my kids there some day, when they are older and will appreciate it, and we are richer to afford it. :)

Theresa C said...

I thought I'd leave a message here to link you to my little blog! You have a beautiful family, and you don't look like you've aged at all!

Leslie said...

We love BAB. Though we've only been twice. Both times for cheap bears LOL I love how Becca got glasses to match hers. So cute!!!

Denise said...

I guess I should clarify that Tyler didn't have the chance to get a pig or he would have! This BAB had only bears, a zebra, a monkey and a penguin. I WAS surprised, however, that Becca didn't get the monkey ...