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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Memories

I discovered this week that sucking on a cough drop while falling asleep isn't the best idea in the world. No, I didn't swallow it and almost choke (that apparently would have been a quieter scenario). What DID happen is that my hubby woke me up four times telling me that I was breathing funny and that he couldn't get to sleep because of it. I didn't point out that he snored horribly for TWO YEARS, during which I got very interrupted sleep. (The good news is that it was a side-effect of a medication. I told him to ask the doctor about it, but the doctor acted like Paul was silly and that snoring wasn't a side-effect. Good to know ... except that when he went off the medication his snoring stopped as well. So glad once again that a doctor knew more than a little ol' housewife.)

On to brighter topics. I am finally diving into a project I've wanted to undertake for quite a while: typing my mission journals. It has been a blast! I cannot believe how many things I had forgotten or how much fun I had on my mission. When I think back I remember a few outstandingly (is that a word?) hilarious stories and people who made a real impact on me, but I had forgotten SO MUCH! Needless to say, I'm only a third of the way into my mission and I'm LOVING all the reminiscing I've been able to do. It has also motivated me to get back in touch with a few mission friends, which is how I found out that my first area (Alma, Georgia) just got their own building that will be dedicated next month. Hooray! No more meeting in a little section of a strip mall ...

I feel so blessed to have had so many wonderful experiences. I still won't say I'm grateful for the tough ones, but my mission really was an awesome experience -- especially for the spiritual growth I had. Of course, I'm so glad I kept a journal so I can be reminded of these experiences over and over and over.

And if you're wondering -- no, I don't currently keep a journal. Now that I have kids I'm really bad about that. However, I have taken to "scrap journaling" where I scrapbook pages about my kids, the things they say, and my thoughts on life. It's basically a journal with pictures, and I'm LOVIN' it ... when I get time to do it.

That reminds me, maybe I ought to scrap a page about my favorite former snorer ... ;)

Oh, and on the scrappin' note: Bad news from my FAVORITE scrappin' pub, Simple Scrapbooks. They're going under and only have three issues left. I'm so sad about it ... but not nearly as sad as my friend Autumn who was just asked to be on their board about two weeks before they got news of their end ...

Once again, the "economy" claims another good thing. Let's not mention that about six months ago Simple Scrapbooks changed their website into a site that now STINKS so nobody goes there anymore. Couldn't be that, right? Couldn't be that advertisers don't want to pay to advertise on a site that is dropping numbers faster than the numbers on Wall Street. Nope, just the economy ... Amazing how bad management can get away with blaming the economy and people just accept it. Sigh ...

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