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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shanghai Shayla

So, I went to get Shayla from her nap a few days ago, and I was greeted by this:

Yes, she had emptied her bookcase and put every last book on her bed. I'm imagining she did this before her nap as there is barely room left for her to sleep. Glad to know my little cutie loves to "read" so much before she goes to bed. A favorite of all our kids is Blue Hat, Green Hat (Sandra Boynton), and I'm loving how Shayla says, "Oop!"

Anyway, on a date last weekend Paul and I passed an Asian store in the mall. We couldn't resist picking up one of the cute dresses for Shayla. (My brother saw her in it and started calling her Shanghai Shayla.)

I guess the red hair doesn't really fit the Oriental look, but we think it's cute anyway. We tried to get several cute pics of Shayla, and then she started goofing off:

And "fixing" her hair:

Apparently then she got really into the spirit of the Orient and got a Ninja sword to go after Zachary:
Could she get any cuter?!?


Leslie said...

I thought she looked so cute on Sunday!

the Rowleys said...

She is so adorable! I love the dress.

Park Family said...

She looks really cute in the dress! What a funny girl.

Theresa C said...

I love the nickname, I love the dress, and she is absolutely adorable!

Hilary said...