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Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm drowning in clutter ...

So, once again I am going to try to de-clutter my house. This is never easy for me, because I can't stand to throw things away that bring back good memories or make me smile. I have letters people have written to me years ago that I just can't throw away. I do feel like I'm turning a corner since I'm realizing that it's okay if I forget some things -- even if they do make me smile when I think of them.

I had to laugh at my little sister when I asked if she wanted a program from when she played her flute in an orchestra on Temple Square. She basically threatened my life if I ever again offered her "sentimental crap" that she may have long since forgotten about. So I guess the trick is in the chucking -- and then know you'll forget about it and just be fine.

Anyway, we feel like we have outgrown our house, so we're considering our options. (Bad economy = great interest rates. :) Anyway, we've decided to get our house ready to sell, and then even if we decide to add on, we like our house better. This is where the de-cluttering topic comes in. Even worse than that, we have to re-paint the entire house.

Yes, the paint job here has driven me nuts since we moved in more than three years ago. However, at the time we were antsy to get out of my parents' basement, and I was pregnant anyway. So, we decided to live with it. Now we realize nobody else is probably going to look past such horrible paint. (Doesn't help that the people tried to touch-up with paint before they moved out and used the wrong color in some rooms. Oops!)

So, we're preparing to paint. I didn't ever think I'd be excited to paint. Mind you, I've never painted anything in my own home. I've helped countless other people paint (and, yes, I'm going to remind them all of that when I'm ready to go :), but I've never painted my own place. It actually is very exciting to think I can be done with these terribly painted walls and too much green in our room. (Yes, every wall is green ... a good color of green, but too much green!)

I know some people paint often, but for me this is HUGE. Next thing you know I may actually look into doing some decorating ... but don't hold your breath. :)

Anyway, we look forward to more space, and that's also a motivating factor. Yesterday we sat down and planned out exactly how we would add on if that's the option we choose. (Our plans would add on 1,200 s/f to our 2,000.) It's exciting either way. Of course, I've been holding out to add on since we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our ward, neighborhood, schools, location, etc. However, I realize what a pain that would be, and looking around at other possibilities is a little exciting.

In any case, we're not going to do anything (except for the painting) right now, but it is fun to contemplate ... In the meantime, hope that interest rates continue to drop to stimulate more pocketbooks than just our own. :)


Stacey said...

So if I lived closer I would come help you stage your house to sell but, well I'm not:( However, if you want any suggestions I would be glad to offer any. I look at houses all the time and definately know a thing or two about selling a house:) We too were thinking of selling but, down sizing back to what we call the little house so we could ramp up to our dream home. We don't need a bigger house but, we would like bigger property...dreaming (sigh). Isn't is sad that we tend to do things to our house but if we could only do those things earlier to enjoy all the hard work! Good Luck! Go visit the Nester on my blog...staging is what she does best and on a small budget I might add:)

Theresa C said...

Good luck with the painting! We painted our whole house as we were moving into it, and I was so glad when it was all done.

Leslie said...

We are trying to get the energy to do the same thing.