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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My house is chaos. I mean, there have been times I have thought it was totally messy and unorganized, but nothing compares to how it is right now. Our kitchen is packed up and sitting in boxes (and out of boxes, actually) in the living room. The microwave is in the garage. The oven is unhooked sitting alone in the kitchen. The fridge is in the dining room. The table is in the living room, along with the barstools. (The couches and piano are covered in plastic trying to protect them from the dust of sheetrocking.) The boys' tents are out of the living room and back to their bedrooms, but their dressers are in the hallway and Becca's room. Becca's room has a hole in the wall to the bathroom where the door used to be. We have plastic hanging up trying to protect the new area from too much dust, but we really should have thought to put them up about a month sooner.

And the upstairs, where it should be nice and clean, well ... it isn't. It's amazing how chaos spreads and how I just can't bring myself to clean the upstairs even though the construction isn't affecting it too much.

I'd post pictures, but it seems like too much effort. The good news, however, is that we're a couple of weeks away from having a nice, new kitchen. We got our a/c back on Friday (HOORAY!!!). We haven't starved yet, and the kids have survived my crankiness. And the best news for Tyler is that we're going to IHOP while our kitchen is out of commission. That has been his dream for a while, and I promised him it would happen while we can't cook (since I'm not nearly the fan of IHOP he and Zachary are).

Our construction has gone pretty fast, but it's starting to get on my nerves ...


the Rowleys said...

Good luck with it all. Just remember the end result is all worth it. And hey you will appreciate your organized home so much more now. :)

Lean Bean said...

I love IHOP!