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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Press Release: Brown Product Name Change

Paul was very concerned about my lack of PR when I didn't write a press release for Becca's adoption. So, here goes:

For Immediate Release

Contact: Denise Brown

Brown Inc. Changes Product Name to Align with Product Line

Analysts don’t expect much change based on the name modification,

but feel it is a huge benefit to the corporation

June 8, 2009, Spanish Fork, Utah – Brown Inc. announces it will change the name of its product acquired from a sister company more than four years ago. The product, Becca Nielsen, has officially had its name changed to Becca Brown to better align with Brown Inc’s current product line and with corporate vision and goals. Co-CEOs Paul and Denise Brown are excited about the change, which gives them full legal power over decisions regarding the product.

“This restructuring to our corporation won’t change anything about how the corporation operates,” Denise said. “However, it makes our oldest product feel more a part of Brown Inc. and it will allow her to be a permanent part of the corporation. We couldn’t be happier!”

Although Becca has been a part of the Brown product line for years, Brown Inc. was never sure of the product’s future with the corporation. However, this court-approved change in name ensures that Becca will be a permanent part of the Brown Inc. product line.

“We have only one more step to fully absorb Becca into the Brown Inc. family, and we plan to take care of that at the Provo LDS Temple next week,” Paul said. “Once that ceremony is performed, Becca will be stuck with Brown Inc. forever, much to the delight of all of us.”

Becca Brown, which is Brown Inc’s oldest product, is packaged as a typical teenage girl. Brown Inc co-founders hail the tremendous growth of the product since being acquired by Brown Inc., even though she wasn’t developed properly through her beta and early release stages. “We’re happy to report that her maturity enables her to avoid other glitches other teen girls have, such as crankiness, pettiness, meanness, and unnatural concern for unimportant things,” Denise said. “All in all we couldn’t ask to have acquired a better product!”

Other products at Brown Inc. have welcomed Becca into the product line with enthusiasm, although they continue to push buttons to try to bring out aforementioned glitches. “We figure this is normal in all product lines,” Paul said.

About Brown Inc.

Brown Inc. was formed in 2000 with the merger of Paul Brown and Denise Palmer. It now has four products in its line: Tyler (released nearly 8 years ago), Zachary (released 6 years ago), Shayla (released 3 years ago) and Becca (released 15 years ago by a sister company and permanently acquired in 2009 by Brown Inc.). Brown Inc., which specializes in adorable babies and family fun, is based in Spanish Fork, Utah.


the Rowleys said...

Love the PR release. Makes me smile. and congrats again to everyone.

Lean Bean said...

You guys make me laugh! I love your PR!

Hilary said...

Congratulations on what I consider to be a very, very smart business decision! :)

Jana Nielsen said...

Cute. I always like the way you word your "product" releases. Although, I do think she has always a wonderful product, I am glad you have been able to enjoy her maturing into a wonderful teen product.

I wish you and her the best, with lots of love.

Jana (Sister Company - Birth product Mom)

Jennifer said...

I love the PR release. I agree with Paul, I was a little shocked that you did not write more earlier. You probably had better things to do, like celebrate. Congrats, and can't wait to see pictures after you all get sealed together.

The Vineyard said...

Way to use that degree.

Theresa C said...

Very clever! Congrats on making Becca a permanent part of the Brown Inc. product line!!

Dashley said...

Hooray!! And you are so clever with your PR lingo. I am so happy for you guys!

Linda said...

Congratulations! Happy Days!