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Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's a girl!

I don't think I mentioned that we got a bit nervous the morning of Becca's adoption. We went in, and the attorney informed us that he was keeping his fingers crossed that all would happen that day, because it was possible for the judge to enter the parents' defaults and then schedule a new court date.

Once our attorney got to work talking to the judge we just knew we were in trouble. The problem with pre-paying attorneys is that you never quite know what you're going to get. He was the most unconvincing attorney I've ever seen (except for the stuttering guy on "My Cousin Vinny" which happens to be one of my all-time favorite shows). In any case, he stumbled across his words, kept asking us questions as he was addressing the judge, and just didn't have his facts straight. Sigh.

Fortunately the judge just realized this was the best thing for Becca and did it all in one day. We went down to submit the paperwork and realized he had all kinds of info wrong -- where Paul and I were born, how to spell Nielsen (which he had right sometimes and wrong sometimes), etc. Good thing we had a chance to look at it before it was submitted incorrectly!

In any case, we headed to Olive Garden to celebrate. We were the first customers of the day -- and probably the happiest.

We've had quite a fun time letting everyone know Becca is officially a Brown! We put a sign on the garage that says, "It's a Girl!" (The dollar store doesn't have signs that say, "Adoption is complete!") Most of our neighbors thought it was very cute and clever, but some were very confused. One poor neighbor called and said she felt so embarrassed she hadn't known I was expecting and offered me dinner. Too bad -- I like dinners I don't have to make! :) Others thought maybe this was our way of announcing a pregnancy we had previously concealed. Nope. Just a way to let everyone know that Becca is ours. :)

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Lean Bean said...

so when do you guys get to have Becca sealed to your family?