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Monday, June 14, 2010

Day Camp

I had the joy of attending Cub Scout Day Camp with Tyler again this year. It is such a blast to see him having so much fun at the different activities and with all of his friends. Here are some pics of his fun adventures:

This is always a favorite -- BB Guns:

They enjoyed this game, and I was glad we played it in the afternoon since the morning was a bit chilly. There were holes in this pipe they boys had to try to cover as their teammate poured water in the top:

Turns out it was a little harder than they thought it would be:

Same with this:

This was a horizontal climbing wall. They had to go across this side and three others to complete it:

They each made a model airplane:

And a rocket. They LOVED this part. The pipes were hooked up to an air compressor that would shoot out a burst of air when they pushed a button. (Dad, I'm thinking you've gotta rig up one of these when you get home!) The rockets were paper and a little piece of foam as the nose. Here is Tyler putting his on to be shot:

And that little guy clear out in the field is him retrieving his:

What I loved about this is that it didn't matter whether someone's rocket hit another person -- it was made of foam and paper and therefore wouldn't hurt anyone. So they shot them off again and again and again ...

This was another favorite, and Tyler did better than last year:

Needless to say, the day felt short and the boys had a blast! I can't wait for next year when both of my boys will get to go. :)


Bruce & Sylvia said...

I goofed and hit hide. So I will comment again. It looks like you had a great time. Dad went Saturday. We do have a compressor you know.

Carol said...

It looks like lots of fun, Tyler--reminds me of being Den Leader and taking Paul to Day camp. I love how Tyler looks in his glasses--distinguished and extra smart!