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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Princess party

Shayla got her first friend party this year, so of course it had to be a princess party. I decided we'd keep it very small with only a few friends, and that seemed to work out very well.

First she had to get ready. The second Shayla got money from Grandma for her birthday, she had to go buy princess shoes. Funny thing is I had seen them before and was tempted to get them but didn't. However, once she got money from Grandma we went back and got them:

We also wanted to get her a crown that wasn't broken, so we went to Partyland where they had a great selection. She wanted the one that said Happy Birthday on it:

Once she was all set, I got the "I'm a princess and I'm having a princess party" show:

Side note: After the party when she couldn't decide which of the four pairs to wear she solved that problem by wearing all four:

Anyway, the girls all showed up dressed as princesses:

They LOVED making princess play-dough (homemade play dough with glitter). Thanks for the idea, Jennifer!

I didn't think it was possible to fit in as much glitter as they did, but then again, I'd never tried it before. :)

Shayla gave everyone some princess bling. (Love Walmart -- 12 of these for 1 buck!)

I am getting lazy with cakes, especially since my kids love cake toppers. This time I went to the toy section and got a Cinderella scene. Shayla LOVED it, because Cinderella is her favorite, but pink is also her favorite, and this is Cinderella in pink (in the outfit her animal friends made for her):

They all loved eating the chocolate covered cones that made up the castle. And Shayla was very cute trying to blow out candles (which she did after about five attempts :).

Before everyone left Shayla gave them a huge princess coloring book. (Thanks Dollar Tree!):

Shayla loved her party and is sure enjoying her new princess dress. In fact, she's worn it for four days straight now. Too bad it didn't come with a tag saying how to wash it! :) I'm sure I'll figure it out soon ...


Bruce & Sylvia said...

what a fun party. How come you and Rachel didn't dress up as princesses?

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful party. My kids are still playing with there princess play dough (I think I need to throw it out and make some new stuff). Loved all the pictures of the trip and the party.