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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Family Reunion (and beyond) Highlights

We had various members of Paul's family here with us for more than a week, and it was a blast! I can't believe it's already over since we had been looking forward to it for months ...

In any case, here is just a small taste of what we did.

We went swimming:

We went to the Bean (life science) Museum at BYU (which, turns out, can be a little freaky for some kids):

We went to Temple Square:

(This last pic is in a little kids' room where there are bunches of dolls to play with. People kept walking past Becca, taking a second look and then being shocked when they saw her "doll" move ... :)

We toured the Krishna Temple and rode llamas (BTW, Melissa, the lady there is STILL cranky!):

(Shayla was so hot and bored that this was her pose. Love it! :)

We went to Salem Pond for canoeing:

We had Family Olympics:

And a spontaneous wedding:

(Yes, everyone had to dance afterward, so I even caught Paul 'doing "the sprinkler" in this shot. :)

We also made a family movie ("Princess Leia Visits the Planet of Make-Believe"), which I am very excited about -- I think it turned out great, and I am happy with the ending. (I had the idea for the movie months ago but just got the ending -- via a friend's idea -- last week!)

It was so much fun and worth all the planning. We sure love our Brown cousins!

(This pic includes all but the three in Oregon. :)


Brown Family said...

I totally forgot to mention all we learned, too! You know, the difference between prey and pray; that Jennifer has freakishly strong hands; that you can never have enough Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms ... ;)

the Rowleys said...

It was a BLAST! I just wish that there was a cheaper, easier way to travel so we could get together more often! :) Thanks for posting the pics.

Melissa Basua said...

WOW!! You really now how to pack a week!! Everything looks so fun! What great memories you are creating! Tyler told me all about your movie! Will you be featuring it on your blog?

Carol said...

I must be gettin old and my memory escapes me--I was sure I commented here about how great the Reunion was, how I loved hugging little Austin when I first arrived, and being extra hands to hold as we trudged across llama poop infested ground, put on sunblock, etc--but next day, it was gone(the comment)--that's old age for you! Anyway kudos for a wonderful job Paul and Denise!