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Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun of Everyday Life

We've been having a good time ... although we haven't done anything much other than live our lives. I guess that's a good thing. :)

My boys both finally got their class shirts. I found it funny that Zachary showed up with his shirt saying 2nd grade friends after I'd made Shayla's shirt to say pre-school friends. :) And Tyler LOVES his b/c it has a quote from Dumbledore in book 7 and the symbol of the deathly hallows. (He hasn't read them or seen the movie, but he knows it's cool anyway. :)

Last weekend we got to attend the baby blessing of my baby bro's new baby. There were actually three babies blessed since James had two cousins born right before him (on Heidi's side). In any case, though, we were able to get a pic of the "in crowd" ... remember James barely makes it in with his middle name:

James BrandON, AspEN, AustIN, GavIN, KylEN

And while we were there we took a picture of the only two Palmer grandsons. Mind you, my parents have many grandsons (12 now), but for 16.5 years Caleb was the only grandson with the last name Palmer. My other two brothers still have only girls, but Dustin finally pulled through to give my parents another Palmer grandson:

And while we were there we took a pic of Grandpa with the boys -- this pic has been labeled trouble x5:

This weekend we also put up our puny Christmas tree. Yes, it has the built-in lights, but boy is it tiny. Oh well, it's just as fun no matter how big it is. Anyway, we pulled out the train and I fully expected Austin to try to get it. Nope -- he just sat and watched in awe:

And speaking of Austin, he has a fun toy I found out in storage:

I told Paul we should write to Pixar and tell them thank you for making his old toy back in style. He said maybe we should just take it away and sell it on eBay. :) I sure like the older toys -- I'm not big into noise or blinking lights since I don't feel kids need that kind of stimulation ... yet. :) So, we have lots of old-school toys, and when I pulled this out the kids all said, "That's the toy from Toy Story 3!" Little did they know we've had it for YEARS!

Last night for scouts the boys had a blast carving soap:

It's just too bad the kitchen doesn't look as clean as it now smells. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Carol said...

What fun! Hey Paul, is that the train you and Dad started constructing years ago?

Rebecca said...

Austin goes way too easy on you guys! I remember before he was even born you talked about how you'd probably have to decorate your Christmas tree starting two feet up. But this boy is just content to look--unbelievable!! Lately I've been appreciating my last days of putting things wherever I want them without worrying that Gavin will get to them. :)