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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last thoughts on the nativity

At least the last thoughts for this Christmas season ... maybe. :) I just have been thinking a lot about the nativity this year and the miraculousness of it. I forgot to mention in my previous post about the nativity how I've also been thinking about how the shepherds heard heavenly hosts singing. They were singing and rejoicing so loudly about the birth of the Savior that the veil between the earthly and heavenly were ripped wide open. And I was there. I was singing. And I was rejoicing. To think of myself as a part of the nativity story makes it a lot more personal. Because I was there. As you were you. Just something to think about next time you hear about those heavenly hosts singing.

The other thing I thought about (and this is the PR girl in me) is that if his birth was a "normal" one then it may not have been recorded. Think about how newsworthy it was to have been born in a foreign town in a stable of all places! Of course, the Lord wasn't thinking of newsworthy, and there is definitely symbolism involved in there being no room at the inn, but I wonder if we would have any record at all about His birth if it had been under ordinary circumstances. Most of his childhood was "ordinary" and therefore we don't know anything about it except for one out-of-the-ordinary story. So thank goodness it was something different and worth telling to these authors in the New Testament or we may celebrate his birth without knowing any of the details. Kind of a funny way to look at it, I suppose, but it makes the story memorable and interesting to tell, and therefore we have it.

My last thought is that I'm so happy we celebrate His birth December instead of in the spring when He was truly born. During that time we celebrate his resurrection, which gives us as much hope as does His divine birth. The winter would surely be long if we didn't have such a glorious holiday to celebrate.


Leslie said...


I was just talking to Scott about how horrible the winter would be if we didnt have Christmas to look forward to!!!

Kristene Armstrong said...

We were there singing. I never thought of that. Wow that really does give a different perspective on the nativity. Thanks!

Loa Jean said...

Denise your comment about being part of the heavenly choir was very touching. I would love to be in a choir in heaven some time.

The pictures are wonderful of your kids. Looks like you have a lot of fun together.

Loa Jean said...

I loved your comments about the heavenly choir, Denise. It's awsome to think of being there at that time.

The children look like they are having a lot of fun with the pinata--Great family tradition!