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Friday, December 10, 2010


So we made it to the mall to visit Santa. I really prefer him coming to the church so my kids associate him with the church instead of the mall, but our ward is being different this year ...

So we went to the mall and were blessed to get there when there was absolutely no line whatsoever. I'm thinking this might be the last year a certain little boy believes, and it was obviously Austin's first Santa exposure, so I was looking forward to our visit.

Here are my boys visiting with the big man:

Can you just see him staring at the beard? I totally expected him to just yank the poor old man's beard, but he never did:

Unlike his older sister did her first visit to Santa:

(Rebecca, I was thinking you'd love the costume. This was the worst one I've ever had. Too bad it had to be one of the cutest pictures I've taken!)

Anyway, speaking of said sister, here she was this year so proud to go talk to Santa:

And I knew I wouldn't get Becca on Santa's lap, so instead we took a group picture. I think it's pretty cute:

And this visit to Santa (as well as a couple of other errands) explains why Zachary went to his choir concert in a wet shirt! Yes, we have four white shirts, and they were all in the washer wet. Is that really any better than being dirty? Anyway, he sang great anyway and from the audience you couldn't even tell his shirt was wet. What a sweet boy:

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Rebecca said...

Yeah, that Santa outfit was pretty bad; glad to see they've improved it since then. How nice that there wasn't a line! I like the group picture. :)