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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun things are afoot ...

I'm so excited for Christmas. Ever since Paul and I finished the shopping back in October it's been an exciting wait. And now it's almost here. In the meantime we're keeping somewhat busy ...

Monday night our ward had a special event that was something new -- they did a live nativity with a short program. It was called a walk to Bethlehem, and shepherds came around and knocked on our doors to guide us to "Bethlehem." (These are the advantages of having our ward only about four blocks wide and one block deep.) Turns out it was snowing all day long before it, so my boys went over and helped shovel out the stable. They're good boys. Paul was in the cast: Can you pick him out?

He's the shepherd behind Joseph. Here's a better view:

I was so glad he was in the program, because I think it made it more special for the kiddos. Mind you, I had to get a babysitter for the baby since it was too cold for him outside, but other than that it was a good family event.

The snow continued for the entire night (and most of the next day), so school was canceled. I heard that was the first time our school district had canceled in more than 20 years. And it took them hours to make the decision. Hello -- nobody was going to go out in that anyway, so why debate it? Anyway, here are a few pics of Paul trying to dig us out:

(I love the antennae ball on the car -- how is that much snow possible on one little ball? Look again in case you missed it.)

You can tell it wasn't extremely cold, just very snowy:

You can see the antennae ball better here:

Basketball anyone?

I'd been wanting to take this pic since Austin was born and finally got around to it. I love how none of them have the same hair color. How is that possible?

And, by the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Carol said...

Wow! You guys got a lot of snow! and how cut all the kidlets look in a circle. You're right--no hair color matches. It's special that your ward did the nativity--we did something like that but ours was a pagaent--
Steve got to be Zacharias and I got to be Sarah.

Melissa said...

Wasn't the live nativity great! Paul was one that I was able to recognize!! Love the basketball hoop picture. Someone hit ours before I got a picture! And yes I love love the head shot! Adorable!!

Rebecca said...

Okay, this is the best blog post ever--so many great pictures! Love the live nativity. Love the snow on the antenna ball. Love the pic of all the kids. And LOVE the Santa hat on Austin! So fun!