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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Becca's birthday

My birthday has to be over quickly, because the next day it's Becca's. :) She actually got a gift from "the boy" on my birthday, and we tortured her by telling her she couldn't open it until the next day. (We weren't serious, but I think the anticipation did her good -- she couldn't stop smiling all evening.)

In any case, we let her open it, and it was hilarious! She was GIDDY ...

 ... until she opened it:

I'm still not sure what she was expecting (and upon inquiry neither is she!). But fortunately she likes it now and would probably even give me a bigger smile than this:

From family "all" she got was clothes. However, she loves them and hopefully will even wear them! (Yes, she's one of those annoying teenagers who LOVES an outfit the day we buy it and then never wears it! Grrrr!) Here she is opening her Supergirl shirt:
We made her cheesecake for her birthday cake, and she loved that. (I wanted to do angel food cake, but Walmart was out. No wonder I generally do my grocery shopping elsewhere! I think she loved the cheesecake even more, so that's good!) Oh, and if you see Becca, don't mention this post -- she'd kill me then die of embarrassment. ;)


the Rowleys said...

I think the sock monkey is totally adorable! What a sweet boy. :)

Carol said...

So glad Becca had a good time--and I love the sock monkey--reminds me of stuff I used to make for my kids.