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Friday, April 22, 2011

Learning curve

My biggest and my littlest are both trying to learn new things, and neither have yet to master their skill ...

I decided when there was barely any food left in the container to let Austin try to feed himself. I really didn't think there was much food left in the bowl, but boy did he spread it out to look like a lot:

And Becca is trying to learn to drive. Well, not really. She's SUPPOSED to be trying to learn how to drive, but she's not interested. She now has to walk everywhere she wants to go, because we told her this is what would happen if she didn't get her learner's permit by her 17th birthday. (I don't get it -- I was chompin' at the bit to drive the second I could!) Anyway, I've asked her a few times to back the car out of the driveway so the boys can play basketball. She's just putting it in neutral, letting off the brakes and then stopping it when it gets to the street. At least that's all she's supposed to be doing. So how, exactly, does it get so crooked in the driveway?
Needless to say, I'm sure they'll both learn these skills ... hopefully sooner than later (and hopefully without any expensive messes ;).


Theresa C said...

I am having the same trouble with my daughter! She turned sixteen back in October, and still has no desire to learn how to drive. I got my license the DAY that I turned sixteen. I just don't understand it :)

the Rowleys said...

Good luck with the learning curves! :)

Kristene Armstrong said...

Wow not interested in driving? Is there such a thing? :) I was like you, anychance I could get to drive I would take it. I still love to drive.