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Friday, December 21, 2007

Wizard of Ozzzzzz

So, we got to see Tyler in his school play The Wizard of Oz. This was an elementary school production, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to watch the kids. Tyler was a munchkin, so I thought it would be a really cute part. After practices he even laughed for me the way they do when they're hiding in the bushes in the movie.

Well, I think I had my expectations a little high. The munchkins marched in to the song "Celebrate good times, c'mon!" (not sure of the real title), which was cute. They were holding lollipops (which I didn't recognize until I was told), and when they got on stage they laughed just as Tyler had practiced for me. However, that was all the munchkins did (except for stand there looking bored) until it was time for them to march back off to the same music. Can you believe that? They didn't even sing any munchkin songs. In fact, there wasn't a song in the entire play as best I can remember (assuming I didn't fall asleep! :).

The skit tried to include many kids, and even had something like 10 Dorothys. (Does more than one Dorothy = Dorothies?) Anyway, it was no wonder that I heard kids were getting bored at practice. Tyler had practice two times a week for an hour each. All this to march on, stand there and then march off? Sigh ...

I was just glad I had to endure it only once. Mind you, watching Tyler march in so excitedly was worth sitting there through the rest of the "production." He had so much fun, especially since he got to tell Becca that she wasn't the only one in our household who was in a play. This picture Paul got of Tyler marching in is definitely priceless.

Of course, Tyler was the cutest and best munchkin in the whole production. And even better -- it's all over.

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