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Monday, September 15, 2008

BYU Football and General Authorities

Man, oh, man did we pick the best year to get cable JUST to watch the BYU games! Oh, and even better than watching each game on TV? Going in person! Hilary's sister and hubby couldn't make it, so they gave the tickets to Hilary. Good thing about Lee being a pilot and out of town is that I get to be the fill-in when he can't do cool things like this. :) Morgan took a pretty good pic of the two of us before we set off for the game. Thanks to Hilary's parents, we not only matched, but were ready to FULLY cheer on our BYU Cougars:

Hilary and her parents were quite concerned about me because I forgot to wear sunscreen or bring a hat. (These are things I'll get down when I'm the one with season tickets. :) Anyway, as you can see from the photo above, I just have a red face. However, I kept telling them that if I did get a really bad burn, then when people asked how I got it I could brag about being at the game. I did get a little burned (after turning down Dale's repeated attempts to give me his hat), but not enough that even one person asked me about it. Can you believe that? Anyway, here are the four of us before the game even started. You think those are good smiles? I'm sure a photo at the end of the game would have had us with even bigger smiles on our faces:

So, the only thing better than BYU slaughtering UCLA and shutting them out was that Hilary and I got to see and shake hands with Elder L. Tom Perry of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I saw a man in a suit and knew it had to be someone important! We took pictures without asking him to stop and pose with us, but he was very gracious to anyone who wanted to shake hands or take a picture:

I am so grateful that we have a prophet with two great counselors who are supported by 12 Apostles on the earth today. We have people here to guide us who are as powerful and important as Moses, Abraham, Isaiah, etc. What a wonderful thing it is to have someone acting as the mouthpiece for the Lord here on the Earth to lead all people!

I have no other reason to post the following picture other than every time I look at it I smile. It is one of our newest Apostles, Quentin L. Cook. I received a calling from him when I was the Seattle-area public affairs media director. Since it was an area calling and he was the area authority at the time, he was the one to give me the call. In any case, we had a big genealogy event with the Black Genealogy Research Group of Seattle, and this picture is from a luncheon prior to the event. I never got a picture with Elder Cook (too busy handling a different media crisis), but I was glad to have a copy of the pictures, including this one of him just having a great, ol' time! Look at that smile:

I love that the "celebrities" of our church are just humble, righteous men who are making a difference in their own quiet, humble ways. I think many church members would rather meet our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, rather than any celebrity in the world. I know that's true for me.

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Lizzylou said...

I noticed that you looked burnt, I should have asked you how you got it! Ryan took Davy and Danny to the game, and they came home pretty burnt also, but they loved it. They had the touchdown cheer down by the end of the night. What a game!!!