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Sunday, September 7, 2008


On Saturday we had our friends over to join us in cheering on our BYU Cougars (Go, BYU -- AWESOME win!), and their little girl showed up in the same shirt that Shayla has. Now, Marilee and I had already figured out that our girls had the same shirt, because when she came over on Tuesday Shayla was wearing hers. It happened that yesterday Scotty got Savannah dressed and put her in the shirt without knowing that Shayla has one, too.

So, when they showed up with Savannah wearing the shirt, Marilee and I decided we had to put Shayla in hers for a picture of the two together. Then we decided we'd leave her in it and see how long it took our husbands to notice that our daughters were wearing the same shirts.

Guess how long it took them? Well, they never really did figure it out on their own. Marilee gave some not-so-subtle hints as we sat around the table eating dinner -- with Savannah and Shayla sitting right next to each other -- and the men still didn't notice. We had to finally say, "Look at Savannah. Now look at Shayla. Notice anything?" It was hilarious.

So, I guess next time Paul doesn't notice my new haircut (again), I'll try not to take it personallly. It's just a guy thing.

In any case, here are the two cuties:


Brown Family said...

So, I didn't notice that Denise changed Shayla's shirt to match. I don't normally pay attention to what shirt people wear. Maybe this is a guy thing. And when Marilee is saying "look at the girls aren't they cute." Why am I supposed to read more into that? Yes they are cute, they always are cute and always are doing cute things.

Dashley said...

Hey, just caught up on your blog- I have been out of the loop. I just e-mailed you a few suggestions and see that you have already gotten some other great ones. Same color shirt idea is a great one. Also, I believe in "kid leashes." I know the big argument - "my child isn't a dog!" Yeah, well, it is a safe way to go. Just an idea. About the stroller- there is an honor code that holds pretty well but I would suggest putting your valuebles in a purse of some kind and take it with you on all the rides. Also, my whole stroller passes and fast passes idea was a bit confusing so talk to me about it in person or via phone. Hope that helps. As always your kids are super Cute!!!!! Yes, I spelled cute with a capitol C on purpose. ;)

Denise said...

Isn't that cute that Paul tries to justify his ignorance? :) Women, you know what I mean -- YOU would have noticed ...