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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A very young old

Aren't I really a lot too young to feel so old? I've been amazed this year at really how old I feel. It doesn't help that this year I have started developing arthritis in my fingers. Hello! I'm not even 35 years old, and I have arthritis?!? I thought that was an old person thing ... sigh ...

I came to a realization recently that my body really is too old/tired/worn out to consider many more pregnancies. Again, I'm not even 35! However, I realized that my pregnancy with Shayla was a lot more painful (and I'm a baby -- I still have so little pain compared to many women) than my first two pregnancies, which were a piece of cake. Does it get worse with each pregnancy? Or is it just because I'm older? I'm still trying to figure out why most women in the USA wait until their late 30s to even consider having babies. Hello! Do you realize how much easier it is when you're younger? :)

My sister claims that women shouldn't have babies over age 30. Mind you, our family would be very small if that was what I had done -- we had Tyler and Zachary and that's it. Not all of us get married young enough to even consider that "goal." However, I see her point! Not only does pregnancy destroy your body to the point of feeling really old and beat-up, but chasing after toddlers gets a lot harder the older I get.

In any case, I never expected to feel old so young.


Ghan Family said...

Hugs. If it makes you feel any better . . . at 23, I sometimes feel old. I think having young children will do that to a person!!!!!

Lizzylou said...

You've been tagged-check out my blog for rules. Sorry, I'm just playing along.

Park Family said...

I just started having kids! I would only have Taylor if I had to stop at 30. (I guess I will be 30 when this next one is born) I can see your sister's point but there are some of us who do not find the one until later in life. I do feel a lot older now chasing Taylor around.