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Monday, September 22, 2008

Canon Rebel, I love you ...

I know we're not supposed to love material possessions, but I really do love my new camera. Yes, we finally broke down (or at least are broke now :) and bought the new Canon Rebel. This one actually was a great deal -- we got the camera and two lenses for what the camera alone usually costs. In any case, Paul has been tracking it very closely and talked me into it. (He keeps mentioning that it really wasn't very hard to talk me into. Of course it wasn't! I've wanted one for years! :)

In any case, I think he's more excited about it than I am. He's going to know how to use it all before I can really get my hands on it. :) To date, we have taken 700 pictures. (Keep in mind that we didn't open it until Friday night.) Paul walked in after work on Friday (after tracking it online) and said, "Did you open it yet?" I hadn't had a chance (kids actually thought they needed dinner that night), so he opened it and brought it straight to Tyler's soccer game where we got these pics. Don't you love how you can tell the ball is moving while Tyler's running to get it? (We didn't have the lens for better close-ups yet. That should come today.)

Oh, and here's the picture of Paul looking at me with the camera right before saying, "Can I have it back now?!?"

Our friends Scotty and Marilee were kind enough to "donate" their daughter Amelia to our camera practice on Saturday during the BYU game (well, if you can call it a game). Here are a couple of really cute ones we got:

Then Scotty said, "Denise, you know we have other cute kids, too." Yes, but there's nothing as cute as a newborn! So, here are the cute pics of their other kids:

Yes, I know Savannah is crying, but I still happen to think it's a really cute picture. I love taking pictures. And I love even more taking really cute pictures. Sometimes you don't even need a Canon Rebel for that. I got these pics of Hilary's girls last week with my "old" camera (that really wasn't so old). I was driving home from soccer when I found the perfect location:

Anyway, here's your fair warning -- this blog may contain a lot more pictures from now on. Of course, you may be safe for a little bit since I've still got to figure out this camera now that I have it ...


Stacey said...

I've been watching that same camera at Costco and even though I have a rebel I really, really, really want the new one! I already have the lense that you will love, love, love! It is such a good deal and I figure I could sell my old one and lens to pay for most of the new one. Oh, you will so love that camera and you will never want to use your not so old camera ever again. Next you will want all the fun editing stuff to make the pictures look professional! Have fun!

Josh G said...

It takes very nice pictures.
It was I think nearly every day last week Paul had to say how excited he was and anxious for it to come.

Ghan Family said...

Beautiful!!!! Having a rocking camera makes ALL the difference in the world. It's so so much fun!!!!! YAY!