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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Demolition Derby and why I won't be in one soon ...

My boys (all 3 of 'em) and I loved going to Spanish Fork's 2nd annual demolition derby this past weekend. We didn't have as good of seats as last year, but we still had a blast. However, it made me realize that there are 8 good reason I'll never drive in a demolition derby:

1. I believe in bumpers

2. I don't drive an old enough car, and therefore wouldn't last. (Are demolition derbies going to become extinct since newer cars would get hit once and be out of the competition? BORING!). These old cars are amazingly tough:

3. I like all four tires on the ground (and on the car!)

4. I have no sponsors, and I'm not about to spend my own money (as you can see the first guy was honest enough to admit to ...)

(This Skiba Auto Repair guy was our favorite since he is the brother of my sister's high school buddy. Turns out he made it to the finals, but didn't win. He won most aggressive driver, though.)

5. I don't drive well in reverse ... at least not that I know of. I've never actually tried "driving" in reverse. One guy actually came into the derby driving in reverse like his forward gears wouldn't work. Crazy. These hits are all both reverse:

6. I'd be too busy laughing at how the other cars look that I'd be an easy target. How can you not stare when cars look like this but still run:

7. If my car was smoking or on fire, I'd probably panic, jump out of the car, and get run over, thus ending my demolition derby days ...

8. I don't speed like a maniac through small spaces -- look at the dirt fly and the tires off the ground when they turn!

I guess there's also that thing called no chiropractor, too. (I did find it rather humorous, though, that one of the cars was sponsored by a chiropractor.)

After it was over we got a few pics of the boys in front of some cars. The guys with the pink car offered to lift my boys up onto the top of the car, but they didn't go for it. However, they do remember what the guy told them: "Remember -- tough guys drive pink!" (That's why Tyler's making muscles in the pic ...)


Theresa C said...

Holy cow! That looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to watch a demolition derby, but I'm with you.... I don't want to be in one. It amazes me how some of those cars can still move all crunched up like that. Glad you and the boys had a fun outing!

MIMOM2 said...

WoW!! You have completely made our day/night over here. What a fun time! It amazes me that the drivers walk away when the cars look the way they do after the fun night. In the words of my son, Awesome!

Jennifer said...

I agree with all 8 of your reason, and would also never drive in a demolition derby. I think I would enjoy watching one though, I will have to find out how much it cost to go to one around here.