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Friday, August 21, 2009

School has started once again ...

My kiddos started school on Wednesday, and the house is so quiet! My kids are old enough that they don't require as much effort on my part as they used to (making them all their food, changing diapers, etc.), but I'm amazed at how much time it feels like I have now that three of them are in school. Maybe I will get this house back in order after all ...

Becca was giddy to start her first day of high school (9th grade is in JrHS here) -- especially since she talked my nephew into trading her lockers since his was a better location. :) This is also the very first year her high school is open, so that's very exciting for all of them. I made her go to bed early Monday night since I knew Tuesday night she wouldn't sleep. Sure enough, she woke up at 3 a.m. too excited to go back to sleep. I don't remember EVER doing that! :) Here she is on her first day -- ready to show off her new clothes and CONTACTS:

Tyler was excited to be in a class with two neighbors he's never been in with before. He's not excited to be in the portables once again (our elementary school is the most over-crowded in the district), but he says he'll deal with it since it means he gets a great teacher. (That's what I told him, so I hope she doesn't disappoint. :) Tyler came home from his first day with a binder from his teacher, so he wanted a picture with it, too.

Zachary is thrilled to be in first grade this year. He loves that he gets to eat lunch at school. Of course, I send with him the same thing he eats for lunch at home, but apparently it's a lot cooler to eat at school.

I was thinking Zachary was catching up with Tyler in height, so I took a pic of them together. I guess they're not as close as I thought, but they take about the same size of clothes!

And Shayla? She's LOVING being home alone with Mommy. She helps me do all sorts of things and she gets to watch anything on the TV she wants to when she wants to. I think this is amazing to her to not have to share the TV. She watched Bob the Builder the first day and the Chipmunks yesterday. Oh, the joys. And for two days now she's walked around non-stop as a princess. Thanks to Hilary and Brynne for the hand-me-downs!


Theresa C said...

That is so funny that she woke up at 3 am because she was super excited to go to school. I don't think that EVER happened to me! I was always stressed out about remembering my locker combination. :) I hope all your kiddos have a great school year! Oh, and your little princess is so adorable that I don't even know how you could ever say "no" or be mad at her.

Jennifer said...

I love Becca's new contacts, tell her I think they look great. I hope all the kids enjoy school. I am with your friend Theresa, I was always stressed for the first few weeks of high school, every year.