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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun & crazy times at 7 Peaks

So, last year and the year before we had season passes to 7 Peaks Water Park. We got them free from Paul's work. However, it wasn't extremely fun for me and Paul to go, because our kids were so freaked out about getting their faces wet that it was REALLY boring. I mean to the point that last year we went only about three times -- even though we had season passes.

Well, this year no season passes b/c Paul has a different job (fortunately!), but we did get free one-day passes from the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk. So, Paul took the day off on Monday and we went. We hoped our kids would be brave and venture on a few of the slides ...

We started at the kiddie pool as usual. The kids love playing on the snake and alligator in the pools:

How in the world did I get a picture with only my kids in the picture, you ask??? Well, the heater to the kiddie pool was broken. At any given time, there were maybe 5 people in the whole pool. Annoying since that's where we tend to spend most of our time at the park. But maybe that nudged my kids to try something else ...

But before moving on, Paul took Shayla down the slide and I got this cute pic:

So, we headed to the toilet-bowl slide. No, that's not the official name, just what we call it since it's like being flushed down a toilet (or so it seems as it's never actually happened to me). The first year they had it, it wasn't yet named, so we started calling it the toilet-bowl slide. Tyler had gone on it, but Zachary never had. So, we talked him into going, and we all had a chance to go -- my first time in three years to be able to go on it!

Here is me and Tyler:

Paul and Zachary:

Becca in a "Barbie" pose. Seriously -- if you ever played with Barbies and tried to have one sit down you know this is EXACTLY what it looked like. I don't know what she was doing, but it cracked me up so much I had to post this pic:

And here is Becca proving a teen can look bored doing just about anything:

The boys also loved other tube slides and even went down a few by themselves:

Here's Paul after he fell off. I got a pic of him falling off, but all you see is the splash. At least he came up smiling:

Okay, here is the BIG slide we all went on. I mean the HUGE, NASTY, SCARY, OBSCENE slide we went on. I told Becca we were going to go on it since neither of us had, and she refused. So, I dragged her into line. Literally. If you're not familiar w/the Boomerang slide at 7 Peaks, imagine a slide in a snowboarding half-pike shape. Seriously. Here's a little glimpse of Paul and the boys in line, and part of the slide to the right:

So you can see why she was scared. My fear is high edges, and I've heard this is like you're free-falling at the beginning. However, I assured her (and myself!) that if it wasn't safe they wouldn't dare have the slide, because they don't want to be sued. Not sure it appeased her, but she realized she didn't have a choice in the matter. She was VERY glad the heavier person has to be in the front, although it took us a few minutes to figure out which one of us that was. (If only!!!)

Look at our hair to see what a drop this is -- scary!!!

And look at that smile Becca had coming back down. She loved it -- although I don't think she'll ever admit it or go on it again:

Tyler was so brave he went alone. I was so surprised! And he enjoyed it. I wish I had been zoomed in more, but I didn't have time to change settings as it's very fast:

And here's Paul and Zachary. Poor Zachary was scared, and I think he would have enjoyed it completely, except at the end water got into his face. Look at him try to scramble out of the tube and get to a towel. He HATES water in his face.

All in all we ALL had a great time! My kids LOVED the lazy river and enjoyed floating around in their life jackets. (I think that was Shayla's favorite part.) They enjoyed playing in the wave pool and going up and down over the waves. And we got to go on six different slides! Hooray!!! I was worried since the Boomerang was only the second slide we went on, but Zachary was brave and decided to give others a chance. Good thing, because he loved all the others. Phew! Maybe we can try swimming lessons again?!?


Theresa C said...

Oh how I miss 7 Peaks! The picture of Becca in the "barbie pose" made me laugh like crazy... so funny! I have never seen the Boomerang slide, but it looks CRAZY scary. Congrats to the Brown family for their bravery :)

Melissa Basua said...

Amazing how much difference 1 year makes! Imagine next year!!! Great pictures! Looks like so much fun!

Lizzylou said...

WHAT A FUN DAY!!! I found that 1 year can make a big difference in fear factor. We just got back from Disneyland and Davy went easily on all of the rides that last year we had to pay him/force him on. I'm glad you guys had fun.