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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shayla Bela

Leslie, you have made my Shayla Bela a VERY happy little girl! (We call her Shayla Bela, because bela means "beautiful" in Portuguese, and it's fun to say since it rhymes.)

In any case, she's now the Brown family cheerleader:

That is, when she's not being Dora:

(Notice the pretty red hair out the bottom ...)

And that's only when she's not being Princess Dora:

She loves spinning around, dancing and singing when she is dressed up. What a cutie!


Theresa C said...

She is SO adorable!

Leslie said...

That is hillarious. Reminds me of Brinley wearing that costume! She loved it! So cute!!!

Park Family said...

She looks like Zachary when she had the Dora wig on. She sure is a cutie. How is she enjoying all the mommy time.