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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby shower

This afternoon was my baby sister's baby shower. It was a lot of fun -- with six Palmer girls there (the five "originals" and one SIL) what would you expect? ;)

We played a game where everyone cut off a piece of yarn as long as they thought would fit around Rebecca's stomach. We were all pretty off:

Cindy's piece fit around her nearly four times. Kimmie won the game and was only a couple of inches off. (And she guessed too short, so that gave her bonus points from Rebecca .... :)

Watching Rebecca open her last gift was the most fun. First a short background: She LOVES Jeeps and got one when she got home from her mission. She sold it a couple of years ago since she figured it'd need a bunch of work soon, much to her dismay. She also is a runner -- she ran a marathon a couple of weeks before her wedding (crazy!) and runs still even though she's due in a couple of weeks. (Punk!! Makes the rest of us look bad ... ;) In any case, she got a jogging stroller (Jeep brand) from Mom and Rachel:

No, it doesn't just look like she's hugging the box -- she IS hugging the box. It was very cute. And notice on the pic that her little boy will have a steering wheel so he can "drive" a Jeep of his own.

Good luck, Rebekina! Austin can't wait for his buddy to arrive.

(And mom, here's one more pic of Kylen w/his current favorite toy.)


Bruce & Sylvia said...

How fun to see the pictures of everyone together. I'm glad she likes the stroller. Good idea Rachel.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you took pictures and blogged about my baby shower, since I am apparently too lazy to do so myself. :)