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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still little?

So last night at the grocery store I ran into a neighbor who asked, "Now is it just me, or is your baby LITTLE?!?" I tend to think he's still little. Just this morning I weighed him (with clothes and diaper still on) and he weighed 10.2 pounds. Yes, you'd think that's still little.

That is, until you see his cousin Gavin. Yesterday afternoon Austin and Gavin got to meet for the first time. At first glance they aren't too different in size (or too interested in each other :) ...

Then when you set them down you see a small difference:

Until you get the whole picture:

Yes, that Gavin is small. Even if Austin scrunched up like he did, there is still quite a difference:

So, people, now you know the difference between 6 pounds and 10 pounds. And do think babies of both sizes are born ...

I just thought this one was funny because it looks like Gavin is screaming and Austin is trying to cover his ears. Of course, Gavin is just yawning and Austin has no idea what he's doing ... but it's funny anyway:


Bruce & Sylvia said...

Wow. That is a big difference. Now you need to add Aspen in the mix. Then Austin will seem small, and Gavin will seem minature. I want to hold them all.

My life with TMD said...

Holy smokes! I had no idea a few pounds could make such a difference! They are so adorable, you just know they are going to be the best of buds.

Carol said...

Austin looks healthy, happy and just plain adorable. I can hardly wait to see him in person at reunion! (There was lots of talk of baby size back when Paul was a baby, and one thing I noticed was that sometimes babies that were chunky and robust when they were little grew up to be small as children.) How delightful that you get to take Austin to see the other Grandparents--and see the sights there as well!