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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is it the weekend yet?

I don't know why I'm asking -- the weekend will probably be even more busy with kids home instead of at school! It's been a busy, busy, busy last few days! Paul had surgery on Thursday, which coincides with Austin having a growth spurt and wanting to eat every two hours. Add to that the fact that the car was in the shop and you'll get why I'm exhausted!

In the midst of these busy days, though, I've had some fun stuff, too. First of all, my baby sister Rebecca had her baby! Hooray!!! She surprised us all by having her little boy a week early. Her baby was born May 6 at 9:35 a.m. He was only 6 lb. 2 oz. and 18.5 inches. (He's going to make Austin look like a giant!) He was born on my nephew Caleb's birthday and exactly six weeks to the day after Austin was born. These two little boys are going to be total buddies! I went to the hospital for a quick visit and snapped a few pics:

Friday afternoon Tyler's class had a Mother's Day program. It was cute. My favorite part was the book he gave me at the end telling different experiences we have had and such. There is one called "Supermom to the rescue." I don't know what the teacher told them to write for this title, but he decided to write about a time he couldn't sleep and came up to my room to tell me (at 2 a.m.) that he couldn't sleep. He said I gave him some ideas to try, but that none of them worked. Then he says, "But that's okay." It's cute. I'm glad he left out the part where I got mad that he was still awake and that he woke me up when I was already getting so little sleep with Austin ... :) Anyway, here we are with the picture he drew of me:

Earlier in the week Tyler had his Hershey Track Meet. It was FREEZING!!! The sad thing is that it wasn't very cold in the morning when he left for school, so I even chuckled as he threw in a hoodie since I figured he wouldn't need it. Turns out it was much colder at the high school:

I was so glad I had a blanket in the car. Some of the poor kids were just freezing with only shorts and t-shirts on. Tyler had fun but was definitely glad to leave as soon as he was done. By his last race (hours later) it was finally warming up. Here he is in his last race (200 m):

Here is Tyler's cousin, Nick, who I'm so glad I ran into since I didn't realize he was going to be there. His mom tried to get him to wear shoes that actually tied, but he refused. I'm just surprised he didn't lose one of them on the track:

I'll get to spend my Mother's Day taking care of my hubby in addition the kids, so no weekend off for me. I guess that's what Motherhood really is all about! Here's hoping that next week is much less exciting than was this week! :)

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Bruce & Sylvia said...

Thanks for the pictures of the new baby. How cute. I need to get home fast. Looks like it is freezing there. It has been cold this weekend here. We moved the rest of our flowers into the shop.