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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still little ... and stuff ...

So, my little guy is now 2 months old. I can't believe it. Usually at this point I'm up and at 'em ready for anything you throw at me, but this time I'm just taking it easy and staying home as much as possible. (Try that one with four other kids, including a teen who thinks she has to participate in EVERYTHING at the high school ... oh, except for the part about getting her own license so you don't have to drive her everywhere. But I digress ...)

Anyway, here is his 2-month-old picture with Austin:

Which Austin do you think has the better smile? I kinda like the one on the right:

Anyway, he still seems little to me, even after the comparison with his cousin Gavin. In fact, at his 2-month check-up he was exactly 10.5 pounds. Not very big for a 2-month-old boy. In fact, he was something like 40th percentile for weight and height, and 5-7 percent for his head. My kids have beautifully proportionate heads to their bodies, which apparently makes them small ...

Anyway, last week Austin got to prove that he's still little when he got to meet his other new cousin, Aspen, last week:

Aspen is 3 months older than Austin. What I also failed to mention is that these Palmer girls are tall! Just look at Ellie, who is a year younger than Shayla (Shayla is leaning on Ellie, but it was all I could get of the two together):

And Katie, who is a year younger than Zachary:

Boy do these kids know how to have fun:

And last, but definitely not least, is that Tyler participated in the 3rd grade talent show. I hadn't even asked him about performing since he complains about having to practice, but then Monday he told me he had signed up and was performing. He did great:

And now we're off to Omaha. Wish us luck on the long drive -- I'm dreading it already ...


Melissa said...

Our kids have "huge domes" as we call them! Sanders heads are usually in the 75th percentile or so, but our kids are often in the 5th percentile for weight. Makes for a little tipping over sometimes!

Have fun in Omaha! I can't wait to hear about your trip.


Bruce & Sylvia said...

we will try to make it worth the ride. Can't wait

Carol said...

The beautifully proportioned heads may be a Brown thing, because everyone said that about all my babies as well. Way to go Tyler--playing the piano for talent show!--I can hardly wait to see (and hear) your playing in person!

Leslie said...

Ok I keep getting jipped. Where is the happy birthday Shayla post that it keeps showing in my blog roll?!!

Hope you guys have fun in Omaha! How fun to get to see your parents!