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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pinewood Derby

This week we had our first pinewood derby! Tyler was so excited. I just hoped his car didn't come in dead last every time ...

He had Paul cut it out how he wanted, and then he did the painting all by himself. It was spray-painted silver, and then he painted a big green X on top, the number 45 on the front (the number he was assigned), and the word "Winner" on the tail. He also painted flames on both sides:

(This pic also shows his current "smile." Hope he gets over that awkward smile soon!)

I love this pic showing his excitement:

Turns out his car was VERY good and consistent at getting third place. I think it did every time except for once (when it got fourth). Here he is telling Paul that his car came in third AGAIN:

He REALLY hoped that he'd come in at least second once. If you click on this pic, though, you'll see how close his third really was (he's in the farthest lane in third place):

This black car was my favorite -- see how the car is a race track? Pretty cool:

What did Austin think of this whole thing? Just as happy as always:

(Yes, he still has the little old man hair. Hopefully he'll get some on top soon. :)

Tyler got an award for best hand-painted design. From the looks of all the cars lined up at the beginning, I think he's the ONLY kid who hand-painted his car. Seriously. I was glad he got an award for that, because he planned it out just how he wanted ... and then all the other cars' paint jobs looked perfect!

He also got a medal for coming in second in his pack -- his car was the second-fasted Wolf car there:

Way to go, Ty Guy! Hopefully next year we'll do it again and you can come in second -- or even first -- in a heat or two ...


Bruce & Sylvia said...

I like the picture of how excited he is. Congrats on 3rd place. He worked hard on his car. I loved the picture of Austin smiling.

My life with TMD said...

Yay Tyler! What a cool design he came up with! Your kiddos are all just so adorable. You can tell in the pictures just how much work he put into that. I loved the projects we had in scouts when I was younger. Makes me want to go back in time on occasion. :)

Melissa Basua said...

Tyler's car was great! It was so fun to see it after hearing about it for weeks!I love the picture where he is excited! You always get the best shots!!